Dogs empowered, lives transformed at Life Is Pawsible.

At Life Is Pawsible, we are not just dog trainers; we’re passionate advocates for positive reinforcement, a revolutionary approach that changes lives, one dog at a time. Our mission is to empower both rescued dogs and their loving owners through a journey of learning and companionship, fostering a deep, unbreakable bond that resonates through every aspect of training.

Dog Training Packages

Our pricing and time options are as follows, ranked from most effective to least effective.

1. Four weeks of boarding and training at our facility, including four private sessions and six group sessions. This package is priced at-


2. Three weeks of boarding and training at our facility, including three private sessions and six group sessions. This package is priced at-


3. Two weeks of boarding and training at our facility, including two private sessions and six group sessions. This package is priced at-


4. One week of boarding and training at our facility, including one private session and six group sessions. This package is priced at-


Please note that the pricing for the packages above already includes the travel fee of $25 (applicable outside of Salt Lake County) for the private sessions.

For individual private sessions, we charge $115 per session, with the travel fee already included for out-of-county locations.

We also offer package deals for private sessions

Ten private sessions:


Seven private sessions:


Four private sessions:


Individual private sessions:

$90 (Each)

Positive Reinforcement – A Revolutionary Approach to Training

Our approach is rooted in positive reinforcement, a method that encourages and rewards desired behaviors. This not only promotes a positive learning environment but also strengthens the bond between owner and dog. We are continually moved by the stories of owners who, thanks to this approach, have overcome fears and challenges, transforming their relationship with their dogs into one of confidence and joy. It’s not just about training; it’s about witnessing incredible transformations and the sheer joy on the faces of both dogs and owners as they achieve milestones together.

Obedience/Behavioral Training – A Journey of Learning

Dogs are incredible learners, and the key to an obedient, happy pet lies in understanding and creating the right associations. As certified instructors, we use positive reinforcement and redirection techniques to teach basic commands and address specific behavioral issues. Our methods are designed to foster a strong, respectful bond between you and your furry companion. Whether it’s mastering loose-leash walking or addressing challenges like aggression, jumping, or excessive barking, our approach is always compassionate, patient, and positive. We prioritize a rewarding, enriching experience over the use of punitive devices like E-collars, ensuring that training is a joyous journey for both you and your dog.

Rescue Training – Empowering Lives with Canine Companionship

The impact that rescue dogs have on the lives of individuals is profound and inspiring. When a person chooses to adopt a rescue dog, they are often greeted with a unique blend of gratitude and affection that only an animal who has experienced hardship can exhibit. These dogs, having faced neglect or abandonment, bring with them a story of resilience and hope. The bond that forms between a rescue dog and their new owner is deeply therapeutic, offering both a sense of purpose and companionship. For individuals who may be struggling with loneliness, depression, or anxiety, a rescue dog can become a loyal confidant, a source of unconditional love and a reason to venture outdoors and engage with the world.

The 3-3-3 Rule

“The 3-3-3 rule is a helpful guideline to understand the adjustment period for your rescue dog. It signifies that it typically takes 3 days for your new companion to decompress, 3 weeks to start learning your routine, and 3 months to feel completely comfortable in their new home. We encourage patience and understanding, as rescue dogs have often experienced significant changes and challenges before finding their forever home.”

Tailored Training: Positive Methods, Lasting Bonds

At Outreach Pawsabilities, we believe in building the perfect training program for you and your dog. Our training methods focus on positive reinforcement and redirection, as we believe that dogs learn best through association.

Comprehensive Skills: Puppy to Service Dog Certification

Our training covers a wide range of skills, from puppy training and basic commands to correcting and creating behaviors. We address behavioral issues such as aggression, recall, listening, jumping, chewing, biting, running off, barking, and potty training.

Private Sessions: Tailored Expertise, Affordable Packages

Individual private sessions are priced at $90 each. If you prefer multiple private sessions, we offer discounts for bundled packages.

In addition to private sessions, we also provide group classes that are excellent for socialization and teaching dogs to listen amidst distractions. Our group sessions consist of six sessions and are priced at $160. For optimal results, we recommend a combination of private and group classes.